Test specimen


Due to the quickly exchangeable inserts for the nozzle and ejector side, different standard test specimens such as tension tests, impact bending tests, sample plates or flow spirals can be produced one after the other without time delays. The inserts are connected directly to the temperature control system via quick-release couplings without water loss. The test
mold is immediately ready for the next injection molding shot.


  • Quick cavity change due to insert system
  • Compatible with most common injection molding machines
  • Large selection of interchangeable inserts for a wide range of testing requirements
  • Standardized specimens for material testing

The Mold consists of three elements:

Master Tool

The master tool is for the mounting of the interchangeable inserts. The tool inserts are replaced without timedelay. No screws or temperature control hoses have to be disconnected. The change of the inserts lasts only seconds.

Fixed Mold half side insert (mirror plate)

The fixed Mold half side insert is – as in most cases of the specimen tools – a mirror plate. The fixed Mold half side insert can be delivered optional with pressure or temperature sensors.

Moving Mold half side insert

Usually the cavity is placed in the fixed mold half insert. The ejectors are connected directly to the ejection mechanism of the injection molding machine. The specimens are produced and just fall down or they can be taken out by a robot system.