wf plastic´s IST test specimen mould serves to produce standard testspecimes of thermoplastic synthetics in the injection moulding process. The tool consists of a master tool and intechangeable inserts for the fixed and moving mould half side.

The master tool is for the mounting of the interchangeable inserts. The change of the inserts is carried out without expenditure of time. There is no need to release screws or tempering tubes. So the change of the inserts last only seconds.

The fixed mould half side insert is – as in most cases oft he specimen tools – a mirror plate. The fixed mould half side insert can be delivered optional with a pressure sensor.

Usually the cavity is placed in the moving half inserts. The ejectors are directly connected with the ejector mechanism. The specimens are produced and than fall down or they can be taken out by robot system.

IST-Test specimen mould
  • Fast and reliable delivery
  • On-side service, start-up and training
  • Standard tool temperature up to 140°C and optional up to 240°C
  • Standardized production of test specimen
  • A large number of tool inserts for different test requirements
  • Fast change of the interchangeable tool inserts
  • Different surface coatings and materials for plastic materials with abrasive and corrosive behaviours