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Melt Leak detector

Hot Runner Monitor

Leaks often occur in complex molds with hot runner technology.
The moulding material flows through a defect in the hot runner system into the rear mould technology. The causes of this are diverse and difficult to determine in advance. We offer a technically high value, international patented simple functioning device, which is helpful for determining the causes and considerably reduces consequential costs. Prevent high consequential costs and expensive downtimes.
We have the solution for every application.

Prevent high consequential costs and expensive downtimes!


Specmien Tool

International Standard Tool

Creating of test specimens in the in the injection moulding procedure. With the IST injection mould (Made in Germany) standard test specimens for mechanical material investigations (e.g. tensile test, impact bending tests) and sample parts (e.g. plates, step treads, surface samples) can be injection moulded. Furthermore, special mould inserts can be used to carry out rheological investigations of flow path lengths and pressure losses, determine bending seam tightness or to inspect the design of film hinges.

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