Master Tool


The tool offers a standard tool temperature of 20...180°C and M12 hole size.
The dimensions as well as other options can be customized if required!

Master Tool Standard

Plate dimensions: 296 x 346 x 230mm

Master Tool small adapter plate

Plate dimensions: 346x246x230mm

Master Tool high extended

Plate dimensions: 346x296x230mm

Master Tool vertically

Plate dimensions: 196x296x230mm

Tool option:


Master Tool High Temperature ...200 °C
Locating ring D110mm
Locating ring D160mm
Tempering set
Ejector Rod 100...150mm
Change of hole size M12 to M16

Other changes can be customized.

Order no.: 500.000.1020
Order no.: 530.000.3002
Order no.: 500.000.2032
Order no.: 500.000.0120
Order no.: 500.000.3003
Order no.: 530.000.3013



We have a wide range of inserts for your standard specimens, such as tension rods, bending rods, plates or flow spirals, these can be found in our brochure.